Welcome to the Eyconix, LLC., online Video Visitation software application. This allows your facility to have internet visitation with inmates.  Inmates can visit with family or friends, attorneys, clergy and others.  This demo is a working software application that allows you to freely explore the site.  This software allows facilities to


  • Reduce visitor traffic
  • Reduce contraband
  • Monetize jail visits
  • Limit inmate movement
  • and many other features


All visitation can happen from anywhere in the world as long as the individual who schedules the visit has internet access.  Family can conduct a visit from their living room and attorney's never have to leave their office.  


(These are examples for your facility, they can be customized to meet your needs)

In order for family and friends to schedule a visit, you must not be a convicted felon, or have anyone on the video call that has a restraining order against the inmate you are visiting.

Clergy must be approved by the detention facility in advance.

Attorneys must provide their bar registration number in the registration process.

All visitors must agree to this sites terms and conditions and rules for users.


The Anywhere County Sheriff’s Office does not have any connection to or affiliation with those who are providing the online internet video visitation.  The Anywhere County Sheriff’s Office is providing this access through an agreement with Eyconix, LLC. All concerns regarding the software should be directed to info@eyconix.com.

The Anywhere County detention facility has the right to terminate the software application in the event of a facility emergency, misuse of the system, or within the normal rules of visitation policies. All users of this site must comply with specific rules associated with their relationship to the inmate.